Leading the Private Rental Sector towards a long term, sustainable future

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Investing for positive social and environmental impact is core to the G2M philosophy.

Our sustainability goals embody environmental, social and governance cornerstones to ensure we continue to contribute positively to our residents, our people, our partners and the environment.

Our sustainability objectives are based upon:


Improving energy efficiency

Our focus is primarily on understanding the existing energy performance of the homes we acquire and determining the most efficient use of capital to reduce carbon emissions to achieve minimum energy-efficient standards.


Providing Sustainable Tenancies

Through a combination of resident education and collaboration, we look to ensure our tenancies are sustainable by assisting with resident income maximisation, home energy usage management and the care and maintenance of a home.


Measuring our impact

We are committed to transforming our homes over the long term. We ensure this by implementing accredited environmental management systems to monitor and continually manage our environmental and social impact.

Understanding ourselves

Assess the future sustainability of all our current homes to achieve a specific energy performance rating.
Implement an accredited Environmental Management System to monitor and manage our environmental impact.

Supporting our residents

Developing sustainable tenancies that ensure the well-being of our residents, including tariff security, income maximisation, and sustainable homes.

Implementing our ‘how’

We are committed to transforming our homes over the long term. We will do this through educating our colleagues and partners, meeting sustainability standards, accurately measuring our carbon footprint, and actively involving residents in our holistic sustainability efforts.

Sustainable investment

We are currently working towards an accreditation by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Board (GRESB) which globally benchmarks our environmental, social and governance performance.

Following our recent demerger, it is the intention of G2M Asset Management Ltd to independently become a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). We will further show our commitment via sustainable investment towards globally important environmental, social and governance practices.

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