Unparalleled exposure to the UK's residential rental sector

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Why Investors choose G2M

Unique exposure to a highly defensive asset class

By utilising detailed algorithmic objective assessment and subjective analysis, G2M identifies homes and locations that demonstrate the most stable and predictable rental dynamics. 

Demographic, geographic and asset diversification

Our unique operating model enables us to acquire, regenerate and manage a diverse representation of family homes across the UK, presenting a varied demographic that provides the utmost resilience through all economic cycles. 

Wholly integrated operation platform for maximum efficiency

Through controlling our operation end-to-end, G2M can provide a highly cost-effective management model, minimising third-party cost leakage.

Optimising outcomes through a highly granular investment approach

We are passionate about data at a granular level. By measuring it, we can manage and optimise it, right down to a unit-by-unit level. This drives asset performance and maximises our ability to provide affordable homes for everyone.

Existing homes in existing neighbourhoods

G2M is not a developer. We acquire and regenerate existing homes in existing communities without development risk. We aim to positively impact the communities into which we invest.

Delivering Core/Core plus returns as well as Value and Impact investment

Our expertise and deep experience enables us to offer a variety of investment strategies providing different risk/return profiles to suit investor requirements

Powered by Technology

Tech led operational platform

G2M is unlocking previously inaccessible value in the vast and highly fragmented secondary residential rental market. Utilising its proprietary tech platform, Abode, G2M combines intelligent data led sourcing and acquisition with efficient nationwide regeneration and management to achieve rapid institutional scale and capital deployment into UK residential real estate.

Managed by experts

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